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When it comes to brunching in Belfast, there’s one spot no gin lover should miss: Horatio Todd’s, the beloved Ballyhackamore hang that’s bringing bottomless brunch and a cracking gin list to the “Auld Smoke”.

Horatio Todd’s first opened its doors eight years ago, but the inspiration for this neighbourhood favourite goes way back. This bar and restaurant is named after a chemist from the local community, who found notoriety making perfume for The Queen Mother – in fact, some of the old bottles and labels are even on display at the bar.

The idea was to create a hub for the community, where locals looking for a relaxed pint and sophisticates in search of incredible cocktails and locally-sourced food could be equally at home.

“Stephen Magorrian, our managing director, was the passion behind the project,” says Marc Eccles, assistant manager at Horatio Todd’s. “Eight years later, we’re a well-established and much-loved part of the thriving community in Ballyhackamore.”

The dedicated team at this gin joint has worked hard to make a space where everyone can belong – and, indeed, whatever time you arrive at Horatio Todd’s, you’ll find a welcoming spot to relax and unwind.

As Marc explains, “The vibe can best be described as an ebb and flow of activity. It builds gradually from relaxing family Sundays, with cocktails and fantastic roasts, to the hustle and bustle of the weekend, filled with draft beers and fine cocktails.”

Central to the Horatio Todd’s offering is their gin list. “Our gin list is extensive, but not overwhelming,” says Marc. “It’s designed to cater to all gin lovers, from those who want traditional brands to the more adventurous gin lover looking for something they’ve never seen before.”

Joining the gins are unique mixers and garnishes, which means you can quickly put together your ideal serve. As Marc adds, “We believe this is the perfect way to construct a gin menu – there’s always something for everyone.”

But perfect serves aren’t the only gin-soaked libations available at Horatio Todd’s. This place prides itself on a cocktail list that’s creative and perfectly executed.

“Our bar staff loves to experiment with new concoctions or twisting old classics,” says Marc. “My favourite drink on the current cocktail list would have to be the Old Astoria, which is named after and inspired by the Astoria Cinema, which was just across the road up until the 1970s.”

With relaxation (and great gin!) at centre stage, it’s no surprise that Horatio Todd’s is the spot bringing a beloved pastime to Belfast: bottomless brunch!

Every Saturday, head to Horatio Todd’s for two hours of unlimited brunch cocktails, a delicious meal and a fabulous chance to relax with friends and family.

“People love nothing more than spending a few hours catching up over excellent food and classy drink,” says Marc. “The feedback so far has been excellent, and with our planned changes to the offering in terms of food, we look forward to making the experience even better.”

Indeed, it’s set to be an exciting year for this neighbourhood haunt. Regulars and new arrivals alike can look forward to a completely remodelled interior and revamped food menu, with even more emphasis on local ingredients and fresh flavours – perfect for the most important meal of the day (brunch!).

“Combine all of this with constant tweaks to the cocktail menu and we have one exciting year to look forward to!”

To truly bring brunch to your home bar, try Horatio Todd’s signature cocktail: the Avocado Sour.

As Marc explains, “The idea behind the cocktail was to bring some of our most popular brunch food into the drink itself. We needed look no further than avocado and Sriracha!”

406 Upper Newtownards Rd
Belfast BT4 3EZ
028 9065 3090

Avocado Sour



Half of an avocado
25ml lemon juice
15ml gomme syrup
50ml gin
Sriracha hot chili sauce, to dress


Combine all of your ingredients in a blender and pulse until smooth. Tip the drink into a martini glass and dress with a swirl of Sriracha.