Potions &

At Horatio Todd's we have a vast array of potions and elixirs to tantalise any palate. Out talented mixologists have perfected their trade and offer anything but just a thirst quencher.

We have developed our own special blends that are utilised in many of our drinks offerings, as the fusion of flavours left to develop bring a new depth to taste not otherwise possible with more traditional, 0ff-the-shelf spirits and mixers.

As these blends bring together unique flavours not previously developed, our drinks list really is as distinctive as the finger print of the bar tender whom has crafted it. We feel our namesake Horatio Todd, a celebrated local pharmacist, would most certainly approve.

Keep an eye out for our special blends utilised in many of our drinks throughout our list. Feel free to ask one of the talented bartenders for further information, what inspired the mix or what may have been newly blended that may just put a twist on a traditional favourite.

From celebrated favourite wines, traditional cocktails and Horatio's own carefully crafted concoctions - we want you to relax and enjoy what we have to offer. 

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